"Yet another magnetic star turn"

As Polly Baker, the young, tomboyish, fiercely-minded Nevada woman whom Bobby falls head-over-heels with in three minutes of their first meeting , Amanda Lea LaVergne enchants, beguiles, delights and entertains, offering yet another magnetic star turn just as she did as Reno Sweeney in last year's rousing "Anything Goes" at Sharon Playhouse. Like Boccitto, she is well cast and polished to perfection, playing her part with defining spunk, sass, enchantment and undeniable spirit. But Polly is her own creation. It's a role she plays intuitively and believably (she is very mindful of the period and its nostalgic link to the past) on every level - actress, singer and dancer - and one she invests with the style and spirit of a Broadway leading lady who enjoys being on stage in front of an audience doing what she loves best.